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Call Us

We encourage you to send your inquiry to our clinic email or fill out our secure online referral form. You are more likely to get a response sooner this way rather than calling. However if you prefer, you could leave a voice message at 604-630-3071 with your phone number and times when we can best reach you. In your voice message, please briefly describe reasons you are seeking an appointment (e.g., depression, anxiety, conflict with others) and whether it is alright for us to leave a voice message. Thank you.

How to book an appointment

New Clients: To send your inquiry, please complete our secure online referral form or respond to the questions on our contact page.

You may also book an initial appointment with some of our clinicians who accept online booking.

Please click the “Book an Appointment” button below to view availability of those clinicians.

Existing clients: If your clinician has enabled online booking, you may click the button below to book, modify or cancel an appointment.