Secure Electronic Referral Form

Secure Referral Form

This secure referral form is for
  • new clients looking for assessment, treatment, consultation or a physician or mental health clinic looking to refer a new client

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Self-referredFamilyPhysician/Other Mental Health Clinicians

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Appointment Availability:
( Check all that apply; The more limited your availability, i.e., after school or work, the longer the wait may be to offer you service. )

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Is the client willing to see a master-level graduate student in a doctoral psychology program for a reduced fee?

Reasons or Concerns for Seeking Treatment

What type of service are you interested in seeking? Individual therapyGroup therapyBothUnsure
How would you like this service to be delivered? In PersonOnline
If you are interested in attending one of our skills groups only, are you currently seeing a clinician for individual therapy? YesNo
Please specific the type of clinicians you are currently working with (e.g., psychiatrist, counselor, social worker, psychologist) and the frequency of your meeting (if  applicable):
Symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (e.g., obsessive thoughts, mental or physical repetitive, compulsive behavior)YesNo
Anger problems? YesNo
Perfectionism? YesNo
Stress and anxiety about work or academic performance? YesNo
Interpersonal conflicts? YesNo
Parenting difficulties? (Please specify age and gender of your child under "Other reasons or concerns for seeking treatment" below)YesNo
Symptoms of depression? (e.g., low mood, loss of interests or motivation, concentration difficulty, feeling guilt, irritability)YesNo
Symptoms of anxiety (e.g., panic, tight chest, rumination, muscle tension, lots of worry thoughts, avoidance behavior)? YesNo
Self-harming behaviors? YesNo
Suicidal thoughts? YesNo
Suicide attempts in the past six months? YesNo
Hospitalized in the past year for mental health reasons?YesNo
History of trauma? YesNo
Eating disorder concerns? YesNo
Alcohol or drug problems? YesNo
Are you seeking mental health treatment because of any legal involvement (e.g., ordered by a judge, ICBC claim, custody battle)? YesNo
Other reasons or concerns for seeking treatment:
We appreciate your referral. It typically takes us about a week to process a referral and contact the potential client to discuss the next step.