Please fill out our secure online referral form if you are:

  • a new client looking for assessment, treatment, or consultation, or
  • a physician or mental health clinician looking to refer a new client

If you prefer, you may print and fax our printable referral form to 604-630-7062.

Once we review the referral request, we will contact you within a week to review your referral information and discuss service options without charge. These may include one of the followings:

  1. Scheduling your first therapy session;
  2. Scheduling a one-hour pre-group assessment to determine if you are a suitable candidate for our skills group, or
  3. Scheduling a 3-hour intake assessment to form diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE. Information collected on the referral form will be sent directly to our secure clinic email ( In the event that no clinical service is provided for any reasons, the information collected will be destroyed.

How to book an appointment

New Clients: Complete and send us a referral form or call us at 604.761.8201 to book your first appointment.

Existing clients: Click below to book, modify or cancel an appointment.