Online Therapy

Online Therapy/Telehealth

We provide individual therapy and clinical consultations through the use of live video conferencing over a secure, high speed online platform.

The goals of this service are primarily to:

  • deliver quality services to individuals living in distant communities within British Columbia;
  • reduce client burdens associated with travelling to our office for treatment; and
  • provide services for existing clients who have to travel out of province on a temporary basis and opt not to miss their therapy sessions.
In addition to individual therapy and consultation, we are currently accepting referrals for an online 26-week standard DBT skills group for adults (ages 18 and above). To qualify for this online group, clients must meet the following criteria:

  • under the care of a mental health clinician (e.g., psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist, social worker) in the community where they reside
  • meet with the clinician at least once a month
  • have not made a suicide attempt within the past 6 months
  • are not at high or imminent risk of suicide (e.g., having high suicide urges, having access to means to kill themselves, having a suicide plan and date)
  • willing to make a commitment to practice skills and not make a suicide attempt while enrolled in group,
  • not experiencing psychotic symptoms, and
  • have access to an electronic device and secure, stable internet service.

    To see who may benefit from our 26-week adult DBT skills group, please visit our Group Therapy page.

    Questions about our online therapy services? Feel free to contact us at, or call (604) 761-8201.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  • How to book an appointment

    New Clients: Complete and send us a referral form or call us at 604.761.8201 to book your first appointment.

    Existing clients: Click below to book, modify or cancel an appointment.