Online Therapy 

Online Therapy/Telehealth


We provide virtual and online counselling services for individual therapy, group therapy, clinical consultations, and clinical supervision through phone calls or the use of live video conferencing over a secure, high speed online platform.

The goals of this service are primarily to:


  • deliver quality services to individuals living in distant communities within British Columbia;
  • reduce client burdens associated with travelling to our office for treatment;
  • provide services for existing clients who have to travel out of province on a temporary basis and opt not to miss their therapy sessions; and
  • provide services during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person services are deemed unsafe and not feasible (e.g., cannot maintain physical distancing in the group room).

In order for online therapy to work, clients must meet the following requirements:


  • have privacy to talk to your therapist,
  • have access to an electronic device and secure, stable internet service.

How to Book an Appointment


New Clients

Please complete our online referral form.

You may also book an appointment with some of our clinicians who accept online booking.

Existing Clients

Head to our online booking site to book, modify or cancel an appointment.

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Carl Rogers

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Thich Nhat Hanh

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